About us

About us

We are a family from Riobamba that bets on tourism as the axis of economic dynamism of the city, who through the hotel industry, we want to provide comfort, tranquility, relaxation and familiarity to all visitors who want to know the natural and cultural riches that the "Sultana de los Andes ”has to offer.


In 1990, the purchase of the Imperial Theater was made, a time when cinema was one of the biggest distractions in the Riobamba community.

After 4 years of great success and due to technological development, the emblematic Imperial Theater closed its doors in December 1995 to make way for the construction of a work that today is one of the icons of Riobamba's hotel industry: theHotel Tren Dorado.

Our mission

Provide a hosting service with optimal quality standards, surrounded by a family atmosphere under a personalized concept in each of our rooms, allowing our guests to live a different and unique experience.

Our name

The name of Tren Dorado is due to two reasons:

Train: since our ideal is and will be to rescue from oblivion that great steel monster that allowed the development of the city of Riobamba, when it gloriously entered it at the beginning of the 20th century, allowing our city to be considered the third in importance within the Ecuadorian territory.

Golden: since we highlight that golden age in our city, flourished with businesses and industries, allowing Riobamba to be known even today as the "City of First Fruits".

Privileged location

Hotel Tren Dorado is located in the heart of the city of Riobamba, a few meters from the Railway Station and the Chimborazo Prefecture, on Carabobo 22-35 and 10 de Agosto streets.

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