Biosafety protocols

Biosafety Protocols applied to the Tren Dorado Hotel



Applying strict sanitary and hygiene standards for the Tren Dorado Hotel allows guaranteeing the quality of its services and avoiding possible infections related to Covid-19 and other diseases.

Our protocols are established according to the biosecurity regulations for accommodation establishments generated by the Ministry of Tourism, based on parameters established by the WHO, PAHO and the Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador.

We manage the philosophy of "Hotel Covid Free", which involves:

  • Rooms and common areas disinfected and sterilized daily
  • Use of sanitary protection equipment for all hotel staff
  • Visible signage related to personal distancing and application of hygiene standards
  • Measurement of constant body temperature to our staff and our customers
  • Access to masks and free antibacterial gel for our clients
  • Solid and liquid waste handling with strict security and isolation processes
  • Use of technologies for management processes: fast check in, reservations and online payment methods

This philosophy is complemented by the continuous training we provide to our staff when applying Covid-19 epidemiological surveillance protocols decreed by the Ministry of Tourism.

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