Heritage Routes

Discover with us the history of the very noble and very loyal "San Pedro de Riobamba", in our personalized tours.

Maldonado surrounding

In the heart of the Historic Center of Riobamba, this sector offers you the whole of the Central Plaza of the city, made up of the Pedro Vicente Maldonado Park, which is surrounded by the Cathedral Church, the Municipal Palace, the Government Building , the Casa de la Independencia, the Casa Museo de la Ciudad and the SRI building.

A sector to explore on foot, in the day or at night and that will give you the opportunity to appreciate the Italian design with which it was designed.

"La Concepción" area

In the spiritual heart of the Sultana de los Andes, this sector invites you to explore the deepest traditions of Riobamba, around the Red Square, headquarters of the city's intercultural fair, the Church of the Immaculate Conception that is the house of the patrons of the city: the Lord of Good Success and the Lord of Justice. The church also has a spectacular museum of religious art of the Madres Conceptas.

The La Concepcion sector allows you to observe part of the city's history through buildings and heritage parks, such as the Lara Clock, the León Theater and the Maldonado High School. The tour of this sector of the city cannot end with a walk through the Sucre Park, famous for its pool that has a monument to Neptune and a view of the Natural Science Museum of the city.

The sector of La Concepción, allows you to observe part of the history of the city through heritage buildings and parks, such as the Lara Clock, the León Theater and the Maldonado School. The tour of this sector of the city ends with a walk through Sucre Park, famous for its pool with a monument to Neptune and a view of the Museum of Natural Sciences of the city. Loma de Quito Sector

This sector is famous for the words that the Marshal of Ayacucho pronounced after the heroic deed of April 21: "From this hill to Quito!" was the cry with which Sucre prepared the way to the Battle of Pichincha.


The 21 de Abril Park is the offering that Riobamba gave to the sacrifice of its heroes, in it an obelisk pays tribute to the courage of Lavalle, a monument of Simon Bolivar looks at the Chimborazo and a mural designed by Narea, makes a recount of the struggle that the people of Riobamba had to go through to achieve freedom.

The Church of San Antonio de Padua, rises on top of this hill, its image, along with the Chimborazo and El Altar, is the most representative postcard of the Ciudad Bonita, Riobamba, cradle of traditions, such as those still maintained in the Barriga Park.


La Estación area

The history of Riobamba has as a protagonist the Alfaro Train, its arrival undoubtedly marked a before and after in the development of the city. Around the train station, a civic square, a handicraft square and a museum express the railway tradition of the City of First Fruits.
The sector of La Estación has heritage buildings of great architectural and historical beauty. The Casa de Bolivar (Bolivar's House) shows the important role of the city in the liberation struggle. The Raúl Dávalos Bullring tells another story, more modern but no less important, a story of the bullfighting tradition of the Sultana de los Andes.

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